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GARO Business Solutions offer results-driven solutions for you to enter the German market or service an already existing customer base. Our German speaking sales staff will help you to develop your German market rapidly and effectively. With all our reporting done in English you will be kept up-to-date at every step of the way and will be in a position to evaluate your progress in the market.

With years of marketing experience we are also able to support your presence with innovative campaigns, be it on a consumer level or targeting your dealer network. From trade fairs to consumer promotions – we've got it covered.

Of course, operating in a foreign market presents some challenges. Apart from a different culture and language you might also be confronted with different market conditions (e.g. competitors, sales channels etc.). On top of that the law and requirements differ from the ones back home. Our market research facilities enable you to make informed decisions about your product, market entry and strategy whereas our consulting service will advise you on all HR matters and legal issues.


Whether you are new to the German market, want to provide better service to your existing customers or would like to expand your market presence – we can be of help. We speak the language and are familiar with local customs. This makes it much easier for you to open new doors and establish valuable relationships .

Furthermore it is a cost effective way to conduct your business. Consider the benefits:

•  Professional local representation in your name, pursuing your interests
•  Effective and professional management of existing clients
•  Rapid entry into the German market
•  Minimized risk – no large expenses up front
•  Flexibility – our involvement will be tailor-made to your requirements
•  Complete project management
•  Integrated Sales, Marketing and Consulting services - all under one roof
•  Location and infrastructure – we are located in Frankfurt, the geographical heart of Germany. Frankfurt Airport is the major hub for international flights into the country and all your clients will be easily accessible. Frankfurt is also the country's financial centre and is the home of many trade fairs.
•  Personalized service – we are selective when it comes to client representation, giving you the attention and time you deserve.

The Partnership

The first step for us is to understand your business. We discuss your objectives and get an in-depth knowledge of your products, target markets, your USPs and competitive advantages. Once you have decided on the services that you require, we will then conduct an initial business analysis and report back to you with a suggested plan of action. Final terms and conditions such as monthly retainers and commissions are then negotiated as well as the general terms of the contract.

GARO Business Solutions – your partner for Sales, Marketing and Consulting in Germany


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